Do you plan to host a giveaway on YouTube?
Do your subscribers need to leave a comment as an entry?

GiveMeAway is a Windows application that simplifies the process of collecting and drawing winners for YouTube giveaways.

What it does:

  • Collects all comments and usernames from your giveaway video
  • Displays users and comments in a simple UI
  • Allows you to filter the entries by
    • Allow all entries
    • Limit entries to a certain number per user
    • Disqualify user for entering more than once
    • Filter the comments by keywords
    • Ignore specific users (ie. You comment on your own video)
  • Picks your winners randomly
    • Full Version: Unlimited winners per drawing
    • Lite Version: 1 winner per drawing


Demo Videos (Actual Use):





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Unfortunately, YouTube's new comment section update has rendered GiveMeAway unusable.

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